You have found us. Was it through Google or social media? Using search terms like recruitment, selection, ICT, expert or vacancies. You would also have found us with sales & marketing, talent management and specialism.

GROUP020 is the unrivalled recruitment agency for sales & marketing jobs within ICT.

Our expertise helps to find the ideal match between professionals and organisations who without us would not have found one another. Our candidates are successful and are not proactively seeking a new position. They do not respond to your vacancies and their CVs is not posted on job boards. We equip ICT sales & marketing talents with expert career advice for those who are prepared to consider a next step.

  • What does that tell you about our candidates? Our candidates are professionals with indisputable expertise within ICT.  
  • What does that tell you about our clients? Our clients are pre-eminent successful ICT businesses looking for the best candidates within the sector.

What does that tell you about GROUP020? We are a pro-active recruitment specialist based on headhunting and a credible network. We offer added value to every ICT organisation when it comes to sales & marketing vacancies. We are an agency that undertakes focused searches for candidates, ensuring optimal job search success.


The most suitable candidate has the right knowledge and experience and shares the organisation’s ambitions and vision. GROUP020 has the expertise in finding the suitable candidate.


A strong organisation has a clear structure in which mission, vision and purpose perfectly coincide. GROUP020 has the know-how in shaping that structure.


In a constantly changing professional and social environment, talents need to develop their knowledge and skills continuously. GROUP020 has the network to develop that talent.


A professional human resource policy is essential in attaining organisational strategic objectives, simply and effectively. GROUP020 has the facilities to support organisations efficiently and effectively.


De experts

Kier Reitsma

Working for inspirational enterprises is where my ambition lies: that’s where you find ‘drive’ and ‘motivation’. By providing expert advice, I play an important part in helping organisations reach their targets. I focus on long-term, content-based corporate relations.
The advice I provide is based on organisational advice and aimed at creating qualitative and innovative company structures. The assignment and development of talented people within organisations is my primary objective. I am convinced that once this has been attained our clients will be in a better position to achieve their goals.

Matching ambitious talent with progressive organisations has been my drive for as long as I can remember. This requires empathy and above all a strong commitment towards companies and candidates for whom I work. My single-mindedness, meticulous focus and years of experience culminate in a transparent, successful approach to my work.
Enduring partnerships is basis for success and provides genuine added value. Whether it concerns talent acquisition, retaining a successful team member or expert career advice: my objective as a results-oriented partner is to help organisations and professionals move forward.
Did you know that already this year:

handshakes have been made with exiting entrepreneurs


interviews were held with excellent candidates


of our vacancies have been filled successfully

of the best Recruiters for sales and marketing within ICT is considered to be GROUP020
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